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Visit of the guests consisting of 20 people leading by Naonori Tsuchiya president of Fukuaka External Trade Organization and the company “Seyko Electric”

On September 8, 2017, Japanese guests consisting of twenty people under the Head of Fukuaka External Trade Organization and the company “Seyko Electric” have visited to Samarkand Vocational Training Center. The guests observed the processes of the lessons that are held in the laboratories and the study-laboratory buildings. In all, they have paid special attention to the practical lessons in the grafting-repair shop, practical occupation in the departure of Informational Technologies, the process of the lessons in the Automobiles Repairing Center and they have been to the Electronica laboratory and talked to the students. They gave their advice to the students that they should study hard and gain much knowledge and experience in the center. After that, the guests were shown the artistic and creative works of the students, which made them very surprised and satisfied. The “speaking robot”, “clever house”, “automatically ruled intersection” the device that is specialized for identifying the aerodynamic index of automobiles are the ideas, which attracted them mostly. Additionally, they were shown specially made presentations and videos about the center. The director of the Samarkand Vocational Training Center, I.T.Ergashev answered all the questions that were interesting for the guests.

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