Welding and Plumbing


  • Sidiqov Anvar
  • Phone number: +99866 221 7394
  • Mobile:   +99890 502 86 23
  • E-mail: giyasov.dilmurod86@mail.ru

Department of “Welding and Plumbing ” established in October 2016. There are 1 teacher and 3 master teachers have been working at the department. There are 1 Practical Study Hall and 1 Theoretical Study Room at the department.


The direction of the department:

3320300 – Technological machineries and equipments (in network)

The qualifications of the department:

3320306 – Mechanical technics of welding works


The subjects being taught in the department:

  1. Principles and methods of metal welding
  2. Treatment of Metals
  3. Welding electrode (argon) under the protection of gas tungsten arc.
  4. Semi-automatic welding of Kemp (CO2)
  5. Welding of using of gas flames
  6. Electric welding
  7. Setting and installation of Plumbing equipments


The teachers of the department:

  1. G’iyosov Dilmurod Qudratovich
  2. Yusupov Anvar To’ychievich
  3. Xo’jamatov Rashid Qilichboy o’g’li
  4. Abdulov Zaxriddin Nuritdin o’g’li