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The Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) project “Development of Vocational Training Opportunities in Uzbekistan” organized Samarkand Vocational Training Center. On October 6, 2016, KOICA and Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan held the solemn Opening Ceremony of a new Center in Samarkand. Samarkand Vocational Training Center has been structured under the purpose of providing the graduates from Colleges, Academic Lyceums, Institutes and the unemployed with one-year vocational training and re-training courses. Additionally, short-term training courses based on contracts with enterprises and professions with a high demand in the Labor Market for vocations and specializations are aimed to establish.

Our center is an exemplary place to provide young people with a good career in the future. The most up-to-date educational-laboratory equipment, apparatus and educational materials were brought from Korea. The duration of the study in our center is 8 months, and during the 6 months of the study-period, students are trained at the center. In the purpose of applying the skills and knowledge gained in the center in practice, the students are sent to different industries according to their directions. The peculiarity of the educational process is that while the students acquire theoretical knowledge about 30 % of their general education period, 70 % of it is engaged practically.

The Center carries out training and retraining of specialists in the four main areas: Welding work (turners, millers, welders, metal working specialists); Electronics and electrical equipment (repair and maintenance of electrical and electronic devices, household electronic equipment, radio and television equipment); Repair and maintenance of Automobiles (car mechanics, motor mechanics, vehicle diagnostics); Information Technologies (computer programming and networks, multimedia, computer operators, repair and maintenance of computer and other office equipment).

There are 600 students are considered to finish the directions mentioned above per year. The goal of this project is to provide qualified specialists for the development of the economy of Uzbekistan.

A special commission selected teachers and Production Masters for practical lessons and they have completed two-month advanced courses at the Korean University of Education and Technology. The center has already established partnerships with more than 70 enterprises and this list is constantly expending. We also have partnerships with Korean Universities; they are KOREATECH (Korean University of Education and Technology), Bucheon University, Keimyung College, Ajou Motor College etc. For the students from far regions, there is a free dormitory. It should be noted that, all students are provided with a minimum monthly wage stipends by the Regional Employment Offices.

In the establishment of the center the professor of KOREATECH (Korean University of Education and Technology) and the head of the project Cho Hyan Chan, head expert, professor Oh Sung Chul, and experts professor Kim Kuk Won, professor Ko Huan Jin, Professor Jung Don Dae, Professor Li Je Uk helped greatly. All the teachers and staff of the center are deeply grateful to them. The graduates of the center should be suitable to the requirements of the enterprises and organizations, and it is very important. In the process of the establishment of the courses, the experts’ requirements were analyzed. Our graduates have been continuing their practical activities in the following organizations: “Samarkand Automobile factory”, “JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan”, “Uz Auto Trailer”, “Sino” , “Auto tech-service” and others.

The center will empower thousands and millions of people to find their suitable positions in their lives. Join us and use the opportunities we have.

The director, doctor of technical subjects,

Professor Ergashev Ismoil Tashkentovich